Per Platou, Ida Lykken Ghosh, Lars Mørch Finborud : Jutegnask - Kunsten, arkivet og livet - et forarbeid

Bergen Kunsthall has invited Per Platou and Ida Lykken Ghosh, who were running a pilot project Videokunstarkivet, to discuss archival work, its methodology and its dilemmas. In collaboration with the author Lars Mørch Finborud they present the project “JUTEGNASK” (Junk Relics), which takes a closer look at the material left behind by the recently deceased artist Ann-Elise Pettersen Hyndøy.

Ann-Elise Pettersen Hyndøy left a ramshackle palace full of finished and unfinished artworks, videocassettes, photographs, letters and other objects. In the course of three weeks’ work some of this material will be systematized and registered. How does one build up an adequate picture of an artist and human being who created an extreme diversity of idioms throughout her life? How does one select works, anecdotes, contexts, biographical and artistic material? What should be included and what must be omitted?

September 28, 8 pm: An evening with Videokunstarkivet and Jutegnask
Please join us for a talk, film screening and reading with Per Platou, Ida Lykken Ghosh, and Lars Mørch Finborud.
Per Platou and Ida Lykken Ghosh will be introducing the ideas and dilemmas behind the project, as well as screening one of Hyndøy’s artworks – “Katteperformance / Skulpturer på by’n” along with a few selected goodies from the archive. Lars Mørch Finborud will be giving a brief introduction to the term “Jutegnask” (~ junk relics) and its etymology, focusing on how he encountered the phenomenon in his own practice as a curator and music historian. Lars will also be reading from his novel “The Black Signs” (“De svarte skiltene), where Jutegnask is a central theme.

30. September 2016