Oda Brekke & Stina Ehn

Oda Brekke and Stina Ehn work internationally with dance and choreography and are based in Stockholm. Their previous collaborations included the text Metallic, and the choreography Pocket Phrases. Together, they engage in dance as a material practice, attending to its relation to the environment it is made and performed in.

At the Live Studio, they are developing a new work titled Rasp, in collaboration with artists Elise Nohr and Adriano Wilfert Jenssen. Through a series of open-ended meetings, the work addresses the tone and density of the dancing body as it encounters a specific location. What happens when soft skin meets the texture of a wall? How does it sound when rubber soles slide over the floor?

Interested in how the friction of such meetings can alter the way we experience our immediate surroundings, Rasp studies what softness can do to hardness and vice versa. Rasp is a method for producing movement phrases where sequences of figures, rhythms and steps follow one another in a prescribed manner. In this work, they question how a formal choreography can open up for other uncertainties to arise.

With support from Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point

Photo: Olle Ehn Hillberg