manuel arturo abreu & John Andrew Wilhite (12 - 18 June 2024)

Rot Society is an interdisciplinary team led by artist and writer manuel arturo abreu and Norwegian-American composer John Andrew Wilhite. Other members of Rot Society include artist and chef Javon Bennett, multidisciplinary performer and permaculture researcher Ayesha Jordan, and composer, cellist, and musicologist Tanja Orning.

The project is an ongoing nexus of research, performance, and object-making in relation to grief and loss, exploring how we can create community and collective meaning through rituals, art and theater. So far, the group has produced a body of research, a number of compositions, and a series of proposals for immersive theatrical installations, experimental urban-agriculture and cuisine showcases, and sculptural projects in Norway and elsewhere, all of which expand on the agency of the environment.

In the context of Bergen Kunsthall’s live studio, abreu and Wilhite will explore various resonances relating to rot and decay as they intersect with the human agency of sound making devices and both human and inhuman sound-perceivers and sound-organisers. With an eye toward translating extended compositional and improvisational technique between the aural and sculptural, the pair will spend time in modalities of research, sonic and sculptural ideation, group improvisation, and preparation for future projects of large scope.

Image: manuel arturo abreu. Legba, 2017. Print on canvas, aluminum and plastic mounting hardware.