Wir Haben Keine Probleme

Brunnenstrasse, located in the northern part of the Mitte district, has in only a few years gone through a veritable transformation, which in many ways is typical of Berlin. Today this street is an energy-filled area, where new art galleries seem to be popping up constantly among the otherwise grey facades and empty store fronts. Located near the well established art street Auguststrasse with its heap of commercial galleries, Brunnenstrasse at this moment feels like the young alternative, where you at any given moment can experience a wide spectrum of new Berlin art.

The title, Wir haben keine Probleme (we have no problems), is meant to reflect the atmosphere for artists in Berlin, where anything seems to be possible. At the same time the title ironically points towards Berlin’s many unsolved problems. The city is on the verge of bankruptcy, with city debts put at more than 60 billion euros, and an unemployment rate close to 20%. Politicians have been marketing the city as “poor but sexy”, a fact that manifests the duality of Berlin. The same aspects that are making the city attractive for artists and tourists alike, is at the same time what makes the city struggling with large structural and financial problems.

Wir haben keine Probleme will be an exhibition that reflects the art production and artistic energy that exist in Brunnenstrasse at the moment. The exhibition will include a variety of art works, including sculpture, painting, photography and video art.

During the exhibition period several related activities will be taking place at Landmark. Prior to the exhibition opening the participating galleries will hold a self-presentation on Thursday October 17th. A curated video program will be screened at Landmark on Thursday October 25th. And during the whole exhibition period a site-specific installation by Berlin based artist Alexandra Schumacher will be on display at Landmark.

This year’s BergArt festival is all about Berlin as a centre for European contemporary art. For this occasion, Bergen Kunsthall has invited five Berlin based galleries to make a presentation of the young art scene in Berlin. For a short and intense period, important parts of the pulsating Brunnenstrasse will be taking over Bergen Kunsthall, including No5 and Landmark. The exhibition is produced and curated by Bergen Kunsthall in collaboration with the five galleries Amerika, Galerie Birgit Ostermeier, Invaliden1, Galerie Martin Mertens and Curators Without Borders.