Bendik Baksaas & Co
Karmaklubb*, Virtual smoke signals, 8th

The three of them have collaborated for 5 years and developed a refined audiovisual language — doing numerous gigs on DIY raves to frequently host live concerts at venues such as Blå, Oslo. There is absolutely no need to say this is a rare opportunity to for no less than 1.5 hour be welcomed into a production that is being developed and just waiting to be let free, realized in future clubs, when the world allows.

K* VSS8: Grand finale.

This live concert will be streamed in collaboration with some of our best friends in the West: Bergen Kunsthall and Landmark Bergen.

Bendik Baksaas: Electronic musician Bendik Baksaas loves mechanical repetition and cherishes the human rhythm. A modular synthesizer by his design is the weapon of choice for any occasion. Being a versatile musician, Bendik jumps with ease between techno club nights, electronic reinterpretations of Norwegian folk music, and tension-evaporating ambient. Playful improvisations and consistent minimalism comprise his live sets. Tailoring the kick-drum to the resonance of the room and introducing hi-hats when the dance floor needs fuel, Bendik plays dynamic and in tune with the crowd of the moment. A series of acclaimed releases include the double album Duets that received NATT&DAG’s award for ‘album of the year’ 2018. The duo with Fredrik Høyer is a pillar in his musical practice, pioneering the field of performative poetry in interplay with minimal club music and ambient. Their mastodon project ‘Til alt ute’ was released in 2019, comprising 26 songs, redefining rap-poetry as a musical element in dancefloor-friendly electronic music.

Karmaklubb* is a nomadic queer club concept and conversational platform. An open space for meeting amazing people, ‘high quality clubbing’, exploring taste. Celebrations of good things. Apart from club evenings and nights the programme consists of open conversations — such as the ‘Thought & pleasure sessions’ — curatorial work, screenings, artist talks, panels, concerts, performance, wine tastings, and sometimes food. And now: live streaming sessions. Karmaklubb* has also launched its own brew, and a publishing house, the IGWTLI publishing. During the last two years Karmaklubb* has hosted more than 40 events of various sorts — at clubs, museums, art spaces, festivals, and other events — and is probably the most active club concept of its kind in Norway. 20-ish more events were scheduled for 2020, now in limbo. Karmaklubb* was established in 2013, going public in 2018. The tiny asterisk [*] is still left: ‘Girls & such. All welcome.’

Telecommunication will never be our preferred strategy. It feels like putting on a dress [when you do not want to]. We can not talk or dance together. Not kiss. Over the last four weeks, a selection of live streamings have taken place: DJ sets, concerts, as well as mixes being made and published for the occasion — served by the most generous and trusted beings. For the next weeks, perhaps months, we will focus on other formats: podcasts, listening sets, writing, research, and … probably a few sets, too. If any of you dear friends of Karma* urge to make a vegan offering, please do so by using …—-… Vipps 598775 or PayPal: Mark it the desired streaming session, or just Karmaklubb*. All support is highly valued and totally necessary.

‘telecommunication’ (n.): 1932, from French ‘télécommunication’ (see ‘tele-’ [far, far off, operating over distance] + ‘communication’ [act of communicating, act of imparting, discussing, debating, conferring]). (Online Etymology Dictionary). The icon of the lifebuoy with light, smoke, and line is normally used as a nautical safety sign. Very symbolic, yes.

What a way to end the Karmaklubb* VSS for now: Bendik Baksaas is working on new material and invites us to an exclusive 90 minutes travel with fresh, not yet released material from 2020, w/ visual by the eminent Mahal & Meat Applicator (Daniel Mahal & Martin Stueland Sverdrup).