Clear references to Constructivism and American Minimalism are often mentioned in a confrontation with Løws art. She stands apart from the modernist forerunners, however, by a more playful manner, and by an approach, quite her own, to the traditional criteria for sculpture as an art form: Space, rhythm, form, balance and the qualities of materials. Løw works with a limited range of – often pre-fabricated – materials, such as wood, metal and plastic. Concrete cubes of standardised dimensions are often to be found in her work as a serial and interchangeable element, together with other meticulously placed and balanced elements in lighter materials and clear colours.

Despite the abstract formal language the titles often reveal cultural and social points of departure for the works. The sculptures can refer to everyday situations, which have been experienced, or to graffiti or typography. Each individual sculpture is created with its position in the exhibition space and the viewer’s experience of space in mind.

Camilla Løw (b.1976) was trained at the Glasgow School of Art and lives and works in Oslo. Earlier exhibitions include: Sutton Lane, London (solo) (2008), Dundee Contemporary arts, Dundee (solo) (2008), Elastic Gallery, Malmö (solo) (2007), “Dump, Postmodern sculpture in the dissolved field”, The National Museum for Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo (2007) and “Momentum”, Moss (2006).

Camilla Løw orders the exhibition space precisely and in an engaging way with installations of colourful sculptures.