Doors open at 21.00. Concert starts appr. 22.30 / NOK 80, –

Free admission with ticket for EKKO from the same day.

Stavanger-based Skadne Krek play a contemporary mix of prog, electronica and rock with an irreverent approach to any genre or tradition. The bass guitar forms the foundation of the quartet’s assemblage of live instrumentation and homespun samples. The result is an uncompromising instrumental music continuing in the proud legacy of other Stavanger bands such as Ultralyd, MoHa and Noxagt. Groove-based, heavy and pleasing. Skadne Krek’s debut album was released earlier this year on the label Skussmaal.

The two French guys that DAiKiRi consists of, became friendly with Skadne Krek when they met on tour last winter. DAiKiRi’s music can be explained as intense “Sled-dog samba”, their tunes often short but long-lived in body and soul. A place between Lightning Bolt and Tangerine Dream.

Skadne Krek (n) & DAiKiRi (fr)