Filmpanelet: 1/2 Revolution

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1/2 Revolution
Dir: Omar Shargawi & Karim El Hakim, Danmark 2011, 72 min.
Presented by Bergen International Film Festival
Introduction by: Knut Vikør

1/2 Revolution is a personal, intimate story from the Arab Spring: a group of friends living in downtown Cairo struggle to stay together during the first chaotic days of the Egyptian Revolution. As waves of protests escalate in their neighborhood next to Tahrir Square, directors Omar Shargawi and Karim El Hakim take to the streets to capture the historical events unfolding around them. But as the violence and uncertainty builds, Karim and his young family’s apartment becomes an epicenter of activity as worried friends and neighbors flock together in a bid to survive the counter punches thrown by police and the armed gangs of pro-Mubarak thugs swarming the streets under their balcony.

The film is the first film that considers the 25th of January revolution an incomplete revolution, which has been proven by the latest events in Egypt. The film’s name was decided on from the first days of its shooting, where Omar and Karim considered that the title reflects on what happened to the ongoing Egyptian revolution. The film’s team is currently working on the film’s website which is going to be the first of its kind for a documentary film about the revolution.

Come and get an unique look inside a revolution which is still going on as you are reading this text!

Filmpanelet presents 1/2 Revolution by Omar Shargawi & Karim El Hakim, from 2011. With an introduction by Knut Vikør