After School Special

Billetter: 30,-

Rachel de Joode, born in 1979 in Amersfoort (NL), studied time-based Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

Rachel de Joode creates installations, sculptures, photographs and performances. Her work addresses an object’s ability to transfer and measure what Joode calls “our humanness”. She dedicates her practice to the questions “Why are we here?” and “What does it mean to be human today?” By addressing these questions, de Joode creates symbols through topics of study, including semiotics of commodities, information technologies and human nature.

De Joode is founder and art-director of online magazine Meta Magazine and founder and curator of the art auction house de Joode & Kamutzki.

Easter is not referring to the holiday but rather the norwegian/german pop band consisting of Stine and Max. Both educated visual artists from the Art Academy of Malmø and the University of Art Braunschweig. Together they released their debut-album in 2011 and have been touring around Europe ever since.

Sunshine of Norway’s first member is Jan Erik Mikalsen. He is currently living in Oslo, Norway and has studied at the Grieg academy in Bergen, Norway and at the Royal Danish Music Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mikalsen has had a number of pieces performed by orchestras, including performances and commissions by the Tokyo Filharmonic Orchestra, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Oslo Sinfonietta and the Sibelius-academy symphony orchestra.

The band’s second member is Anna Daniell (1978). She is graduated from the Art Academy in Oslo, Fontys Academy of Fine Arts in Holland and the European Film College in Denmark. Daniell has exhibited nationally and internationally, and works with sculptural projects where she examines and comments on the language of sculpture.

As an extension of Mikalsen and Daniell’s friendship they have started the musical collaboration/band named Sunshine of Norway. With them to Bergen they have brought the guitarist Arthur Olsen – who is educated within musical science at the University of Oslo. After School Special welcome Sunshine of Norway to their very first gig!

Tor Erik Bøe is a former student of the Art Academy in Tromsø, now based in Oslo. During his studies Bøe got a significant role in the art community as he frequently organized numerous of events and projects, both in the north and around the country. Frozen Heart / Freeze in Hell – The Seminar and En Kveld med Følsomme Gutter 1 & 2 (an evening with sensitive boys) are some of Bøe’s previous projects – at the moment he is working as assisting curator on the exhibition REALITY at Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo.

Apart from his curatorial practice Bøe is a visual artists who mostly work with performance and the meeting between artists – as well as other types of collaborations. It has also been said that Bøe is the muse for artists’ like Bård Ask, Børre Sæthre and Vebjørn Møllberg Guttormsgaard, as he is not afraid to be their actors/models in various pieces.

Club dance, internet aesthetics and sexuality as a cultural symbol is central themes for Bøe, and Marthe Elise Stramrud is very happy to announce that from now on the two of them will curate After School Special’s program together.

After School Special is a series of one-night event presenting emerging contemporary artists. Based in Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, curated by the artists Marthe Elise Stramrud & Tor Erik Bøe.

After School Special is grateful for the financial support given from The municipality of Bergen and the Norwegian Arts Council.

Rachel de Joode, Easter & Sunshine of Norway + introducing… Tor Erik Bøe! A delightful evening of installation, sculpture, performance and music.