Borealis Film

Shirts: Desistfilm, Stan Brakhage. Meatdaze and Rayday Film, Jeff Keen. Do it Again, Brainer.

Stan Brakhage, 7 min
Stan Brackhage’s first short film is a horror story set at a social gathering. Well-known for his protests against mainstream cinema, “Desistfilm” also protests against a party culture Brackhage finds disturbing in its repression of intimacy.

Meatdaze and Rayday Film
Jeff Keen, 8 and 13 min
Jeff Keen’s imaginative film making has recently been given new exposure, with a BFI DVD release. Expressing the punk and 1960s countercultures in which they were made, these two films demonstrate Keen’s constant push against the boundaries of short film.

Do it Again
Brainer, 15 min
Last year, Brainer, a London-based composers’ collective, performed at the festival. Instead of individually producing scores to be rehearsed and added to repertoire, they each brought a single idea to the table a sound, gesture or movement from which they co-devised a single performance. This film is a documentation of their piece. Also this year the group has created a number of events specially for the festival. They will perform throughout the festival taking a more comical approach to the protest theme.

Zabriskie Point, Michelangelo Antonioni
This is a movie which explicitly criticizes both warfare and governmental control of freedom of speech in America in the 1960s. It is a story of Mark, then of Mark and Doria, soon developing into a story of revolutionary but at the same time naive quest for freedom.

Shorts: Desistfilm, Stan Brakhage. Meatdaze og Rayday Film, Jeff Keen. Do it Again, Brainer / Zabriskie Point, Michelangelo Antonioni