After School Special
Queer Club

Queer Club at Landmark
With Dominique Nachi, Miradonna Sirkka & Sofi Häkkinen, Hassandra and DJ Blue

After School Special are excited about welcoming you to Queer Club , they have invited some gagworthy artists and DJs that you do not want to miss. The evening starts with an artistic performance programme and ends on the dancefloor. So get ready for a bag of mixed treats and mean beats.

Everyone is welcome, but After School Special especially welcome all queers!
If you have mobility issues, questions, comments or have any concerns about the event, feel free to contact After School Special:

50,- / 100,- (after 23:00)

21:00 Doors open
21:30 Dominique Nachi
22:00 Miradonna Sirkka and Sofi Häkkinen (VJ)
23:00 Hassandra
01:00 DJ Blue