Å møte seg sjølv i døra

Toril Johannessen, Colloquial place names linked to military activity, 2022/2024 (detail). Photo: Toril Johannessen

As part of Toril Johannessen’s exhibition “Deterrence and Reassurance,” Bergen Kunsthall invites you to an evening of storytelling.

The Norwegian phrase directly translated to “facing yourself in the door” usually suggests confronting or experiencing the consequences of your own actions and attitudes in a direct way. It can indicate a situation where someone is confronted with their own hypocrisy or double standards, or that you are faced with unexpected challenges or problems of your own making. Changing your position or opinion is rarely pleasant or easy. In politics, it can seem like it happens every day, when actions and beliefs don’t match the principles or values you claim to follow. Addressing double standards is also crucial to maintaining effective and trusting diplomacy and negotiation climates. But the confrontation with yourself can just as easily arise in everyday situations, such as raising children, working life or trying to live according to environmentally friendly principles.

The event will take place in Gallery I at Bergen Kunsthall, among the works that are part of Toril Johannessen’s exhibition.

The storytelling evening will be accompanied by Annlaug Børsheim, a musician and songwriter with a background in Norwegian folk music. Her instruments are Harding fiddle and fiddle, various guitars and vocals.

The evening event is curated by Vibeke Flesland Havre who will also host a storytelling workshop on Monday 17 June, 18:00 at Det Vestnorske Teateret. The event is a collaboration with Det Vestnorske Teateret, and will resume in the cultural bar Skifte at Det Vestnorske Teateret on Thursday 22 August.

Vibeke Flesland Havre (b. 1974) is a theatre scholar and actor. She has worked with a number of different theatre companies in England, Spain, USA and Norway. Since 2014 she has been artistic director of Bergen Borgerscene.

Det Vestnorske Teateret is the regional theatre for Vestland county and was established in 1988. The theatre plays in Nynorsk and dialect.

The event is supported by Bergen municipality.

Gallery I