Practice Models #2: Kaleidoscope + CFA + Local

Svaneviksveien 46, CFA Arkitektur. Photo: With Arkitekturfoto

Practice Models is an ongoing event series that takes a behind the scenes look at the nature of architectural practice with a focus on the way a practice is started, structured and run as well as the stories of those at the center of it all. The series aims to shine a light on the design of practice itself and the intertwined role this plays in its direction and output. In doing so, it seeks to highlight the richness and diversity of practices, to inspire, stimulate community and dive into how architecture is practiced today.

Three young and established Bergen-based practices will share their approach to practice followed by a moderated round-table discussion.
Kaleidoscope (Tone Megrunn Berge)
CFA Arkitektur (William Aarsland)
Local (Elida Mosquera & Jerome Picard)
Round-table discussion moderated by Cristian Stefanescu

Kaleidoscope is a Nordic architecture office based in Bergen, with partners from Norway, Finland and Iceland.
We make environments that are good for people and our nature.

In Kaleidoscope, we have an investigative approach to architecture, with a special emphasis on circular systems, transformation processes and future forms of living. In Kaleidoscope, we bring innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the future, and we are one of the co-founders behind Bioregion Institute, which works interdisciplinary for the transition to a fossil-free society through the processing of organic residual raw materials into new biomaterials and products that form part of circular value chains. With this, we aim to push the building industry towards regenerative solutions and a more climate and nature-conscious architecture.
At Kaleidoscope, we strive to work across scales and in various forms of collaboration.

By changing scale and connecting project-specific experts from different fields, we combine in-depth knowledge with a holistic approach, which helps us think about the small details and at the same time see the bigger picture. We also focus on inclusive, participatory placemaking. Kaleidoscope is a partner office of the award-winning architecture collective Nordic Works [Uusi Kaupunki Kollektiivi Oy], which delivers tailor-made co-creation processes for urban transformation and has won awards for innovation in the construction industry.
Our office operates at the intersection of architecture, art and materials research.
We do experimental installations, projects within housing, retail, culture and education, and we make zoning plans and feasibility studies.

CFA has provided programming and full design services for various projects that vary from residential, commercial, institutional to urban planning. CFA started as an architectural design and engineering firm located in Braga, Portugal. Today we also operate from Bergen in Norway, both from central locations in their respectable city.
Local knowledge is essential for our practice. We believe it is necessary to generate a high-quality architecture. Understanding the situation and context of the project makes us able to see how to utilize our abilities. But also see our limitations and when to cooperate with other local offices.

We share the city with various offices with similar values. Our close relations are giving us more opportunities as we can share knowledge and abilities. Saving time cooperating generates opportunities to specialize, but also to spend more time with our clients.

We highly value the relationship with our clients. It helps to understand how to frame each project. We always do site visits to meet the clients and experience the situation. We listen to their stories and make sure that their desires and ambitions complement the projects.

Many parameters make up a project with good qualities. Understanding the client’s desires and the surrounding situation is the most essential for CFA. This is how we create unique projects with chances of a long and prosperous life span.

We have a special interest in materials and their journey from the origin to the location in the project where their potential is optimized. Knowledge of their origin makes us able to make a good match to the client and situation.
Increased knowledge will give more opportunities to fulfill the potential of the material, but also how they can go in dialogue with other chosen materials. This dialogue is crucial for the experience of the situation. Working with the balance between contrast and harmony the story of the context is being reviled for the observer.

We are forward-thinking, surprising and pragmatic. LOCAL move across the field of architecture and urbanism. We believe in minimising the impact of the materials and resources we use. We translate situations and transpose ideas. We are local.

LOCAL is based in Bergen, Bruxelles and Paris, founded by Matthieu Boustany, Benoist Desfonds, Gilles Guyot, Elida Mosquera & Jerome Picard. They are a Norwegian Wildcard-NAL since January 2020. Notable projects include Greymatter Auby, an intergenerational urban development focused on ageing in town center, awarded Europan 15 project, the winning entry for the new Latvian Paralympic center in Riga and the 100% Wooden house at Château De La Bourdaisière in France. LOCAL recently delivered a new hotel The Bellhop in thriving Rotterdam´s Witte de Withstraat and contemporary Art gallery Ground Effect in Paris. LOCAL is focused on the development of our Greymatter projects.

What is Greymatter? Greymatter is our vision to re-invent the places where we grow old. We want to place our seniors at the heart of urban renewal. We want to build the next generation of healthcare facility that is open to the city, inclusive and attractive for health professional, students, younger, senior residents and their relatives. A place where our future self would want to live:

The event series is curated and moderated by Cristian Stefanescu (Assistant Professor, BAS & founder of a-works | architecture + art) and co-hosted by the Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) and Bergen Society of Architects (BAF)

Doors open: 18:45
Admission: Free