Ispoti & Yanos

Ispoti and Yanos

På lørdagen 18. mai (dagen etter nasjonaldagsfeiringen) the party isn’t stopping! Ispoti & Yanos bring you the BOILER ROOM XPERIENCE!

Be ready for nonstop vibes from DJ BLUE! Known for her eclectic taste, she will serve everything from old-school classics to the freshest R&B jams. Her DJ set blends alternative and electronic R&B, melodic rap, and some dope urban remixes. We can promise you that she will have you dancing all night long!

Meet LA CUBANEZA, A Cuban flautist, composer, and educator who has lived in Bergen since 2015. With roots in Cuban and Latin American music, Daiyen Jones Castro plays everything from jazz to ambient. She can spin soulful rhythms and create meditative soundscapes that will take you on a journey of sound and culture. You do not want to miss this experience.

Og selvfølgelig! THE BUCKET DJz will, as usual, give you the XPERIENCE of a lifetime with music ranging from Amapiano, Afrobeats, Afrohouse & Dancehall! Banger after Banger — TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FRIEND!

Ispoti & Yanos is a club concept highlighting the cultural expressions from the Southern part of Africa – Ispoti is a Zulu slang for bucket hat. While Yanos, also a Zulu word, stands for Piano or Amapiano. Much like its homegrown predecessor, kwaito music (which enables black youth to express their feelings of oppression under the apartheid regime and to create their own identity), amapiano reflects the township musical mood. Its diverse references to ‘90s house, jazz and church music create a sound that is sometimes nostalgic and interspersed with cultural elements that many resonate with.

Doors open: 23:00
Admission: 100,- / 150,- after midnight
ID: 20