ein ting du har gløymt / noko du ikkje har lenger

Mylder 2024: one thing you have forgotten / something you no longer have with Mari Norddahl

In this project, school pupils will explore two-dimensional textile art using the appliqué technique. This means attaching one piece of cloth to another to create a picture or decoration, resembling a collage. The workshop will revolve around the theme of “something you used to love but have forgotten.” Participants can choose any object, such as toys, stuffed animals, blankets, clothing, shoes, or accessories, and use it as inspiration for their artwork. The focus will be on using these objects to evoke memories and emotions, creating a meaningful connection between the artwork and the artist.

About Mari Norddahl
Norddahl obtained a master’s degree in art from KMD in 2017. She works with sculpture, installation and performance art, which mainly focuses on soft, abstract textile objects. Textile is Norddahl’s primary material, and the object itself is the core of all her works. She is fascinated with how we interpret and assign value to the things around us. At the same time, she questions whether objects can have their own will or whether these are just properties that we humans give them.

About Mylder
The Mylder exhibition project is associated with the annual MA exhibition at the Faculty of Art, Music and Design, UiB. It provides children with an opportunity to collaborate with an artist for an exhibition. The children first receive a tour of the MA exhibition, where they learn about different contemporary art theories. After the tour, one of the city’s artists conducts a workshop that gives the children an exclusive insight into the artist’s work. The children participate in the artistic production themselves, which involves the whole process from idea to finished work, in order to concretize what was discussed during the tour. The project culminates in the Mylder exhibition, which showcases all the children’s works and is curated by the invited artist. We are excited to present Mari Norddahl as this year’s Mylder artist.

Exhibition featuring school pupils