Strings Attached
Tijs Ham + April Twelves + Soft Noise Ensemble

Tijs Ham (‘81, NL) is a sound artist and researcher living and working in Bergen. He primarily works with instrument design, live electronics, and audiovisual performances. In his work, he explores the complex and intricate sonic behaviours of chaotic processes, embracing the unstable and unpredictable nature of the emerging music. As part of this practice, he develops and builds his own electronic instruments based on cybernetic feedback loops, on which he performs within audiovisual contexts.

April Twelves experiments with the sense of time for both performers and audience — expanding time on many levels, from the macro scale of timelessness to the micro details of moving between notes in a considered way. They make slow music for an immersive and inquisitive listening experience. Alice and Ole create original music for prepared sarods, violins, violas, slide guitars and electronics. Born out of a series of improvisations, this project explores the colours, textures and resonances from encounters with Indian classical instruments. The Hindustani slide guitar and Karnatic violin have an intercultural story after travelling to India from Hawaii and Europe, respectively.

Soft Noise Ensemble (S.N.E.) is a Norway-based trio operating at the junction of jazz, free-improv and (soft) noise. S.N.E. are Eline Rafteseth (double bass and effects), Omar Johnsen (modular synths) and Luke Drozd (found sounds and effects). For the Strings Attached concert, Luke Drozd will be working with homemade string instruments. Expect sonic explorations of objects hidden sounds, double bass rumblings, and textural synth layers. Think Taj Mahal Travellers playing in the belly of an old Norsk fishing vessel, perhaps.

Day 3
Doors open: 20:30
Concert starts: 21:00
Pris: 150,- / 350.- / 600,- / 800,-