Small Plates
Oslovino + Girson & Martin Hazy & David Grytten

Welcome to SMALL PLATES — small plates dining, folks!

This evening, Landmark’s eminent chefs prepare five different dishes that can be eaten one after the other, at the same time, slowly or quickly. We run a small plate menu from when we open at 18:00 until closing. Steffen from Oslovino brings some spectacular things from their catalogue that go well with the food. Girson (A-Laget), Martin Hazy (Dårlig Vane) and David Grytten (Hester V75) will DJ all evening long.

We start at 18:00, and the kitchen closes at 22:30.

- Broccoli and jalapeno
- Halibut ceviche
- Arancini and mushrooms
- Gnocchi
- Lemon and white chocolate

Here, go ahead and eat and drink with both hands.

Doors open: 18:00