Klubb Sørfinnset
Party with programme: Kabelvogue and SASUSU Radio w/ friends

Together with Sørfinnset skole / the nord land, we invite you to an unforgettable club night. The evening is inspired by the now legendary summer parties at Sørfinnset in Gildeskål; a social highlight of Sørfinnset skole that usually includes a party with a programme and dancing until dawn. On the occasion of it being the last three days of the exhibition “Earthworks”, and for one night only, Sørfinnset school moves into Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall.

Stream via Mixcloud here: https://www.mixcloud.com/live/BergenKunsthall/

Welcome to a party full of music, food, video, tarot reading, coffee, and “Skrømt”! This evening will be hosted together with Caitlin Franzmann, Søssa Jørgensen, Geir Tore Holm, Sanjey Sureshkumar , Ajay Sureshkumar, Karolin Tampere, and Magnus Skei Holmen from “Sørfinnset skole / the nord land” and SASUSU radio. The DJ collective and club concept “Kabelvogue” presents a programme with Snorre Magnar Solberg, Muggen, Sanj, Vera Dvale, DJ SATTAM, MC Traillar, and maybe MC Muntre Makrell will stop by!

Snorre Magnar Solberg is an artist, musician and DJ from Bergen. His practice embraces working with drawing, painting, sound, installation as well as club and concert events. Solbergs visual expression and approach is anchored in Club NO-NO, a platform for experimental music events, techno parties and a record label which he initiated in 2013. His events and works has been shown amongst other at Knipsu, Lydgalleriet, Kunstnernes Hus, Sørfinnset skole/the nord land, Lofoten Sound Art Symposium and ONE at Trykkeriet in Bergen.

Caitlin Franzmann is an Meanjin/Brisbane based artist who creates installations, participatory works and performances that explore ethics of learning with, and caring for, the environment. She is interested in understanding how histories and the influencing forces of power and care, shape places, cultures, and ecosystems. In reaction to the fast pace and sensory overstimulation of contemporary urban life, she invites people to slow down, gather, listen, and contemplate interactions with their surroundings and with other living entities. Since 2018 Caitlin has worked with Ensayos, a collective research practice working on issues of political ecology in Tierra del Fuego and other archipelagos.

Magnus Skei Holmen is an artist-filmmaker and curator from Stjørdal, living in Tromsø. In his artistic practice, Holmen mainly works with moving images and installation. He is interested in building a practice that consists of making/producing film and writing/thinking about film. He is dedicated to the social life of film, thereby programming/curating filmscreenings and talks around the use of the medium; how it influences us and shapes our gaze. Self-organization and collaboration are a central and important part of his work. Holmen organises the artist-run space Kurant Visningsrom, the nomadic screening collective HÆRK, and is part of running the DIY club concept Kabelvogue – en klubb for alle together with Karolin Tampere and Sanjey Sureshkhumar.

Sanjey Sureshkumar / SASUSU Radio
SASASU Radio is a migrating meeting place and radio platform, which has since 2021 seeked after connection between the Eelam-Tamil island landscape and the Tamil diaspora in Norway. Sanjey Sureshkumar works as a visual artist, filmmaker and musician and his artistic practice varies through formats such as sound, film, performance and installation. His thematic framework is migration and often with a focus on his own Eelam-Tamil heritage and the tamil diaspora. Sanjey is the founder and frontrunner of the radio platform SASUSU Radio and also part of running Kabelvogue — en klubb for alle.

Ajay Sureshkumar
As part of the Norwegian-Tamil radio platform SASUSU Radio, DJ and brother SATTAM throws extra spice on the dance floor! 🌶️ With a unique blend of Tamil dance, afrobeats, disco, gqom, and much more SATTAM creates an electric atmosphere that will make you move to the groove! His southern flavors have been served at Sørfinnset Skole/ the nord land, where he is also known for brightening up the vibe as MC muntre makrell.

Karolin Tampere is an artist and curator based in Romsa/Tromsø, Sápmi. She has a particular interest in collaborative and socially engaged practices, sound and listening. Since 2004 she has regularly contributed to Sørfinnset skole / the nord land and with Åse Løvgren the collaboration Rakett begun in 2003. Karolin is currently a PhD Research fellow at Tromsø Art Academy, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway and Faculty of Fine Art, University of Bergen. She is since 2011 part of the collective research practice Ensayos and runs Kabelvogue- en klubb for alle with Magnus Skei Holmen and Sanjey Sureshkumar.

Sørfinnset skole / the nord land has its origins in Kunstneriske forstyrrelser, a county-wide project in Nordland, curated by Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk in the years 2003–2005. The artists Søssa Jørgensen and Geir Tore Holm were invited to work in Gildeskål municipality and were given a base in the disused school in the village of Sørfinnset. Here, they collaborated with Kamin Lertchaiprasert and Rirkrit Tiravanija, the founders of the land in Sampatong outside Chang Mai in northern Thailand, on the foundation of Sørfinnset skole / the nord land. This ongoing project focuses on relationships with nature, knowledge exchange and small-scale architecture in a broad understanding of aesthetics and ecological realism in society and the environment. As part of the exhibition, Sørfinnset skole / the nord land presents Museet (The Museum), which is filled with memorabilia in the form of detached objects, posters, printed matter and other fragments that carry memories and connections. This Museum lavvu is usually used for various events, accommodation and small parties on Sørfinnset.

Geir Tore Holm grew up in the Sámi community Olmmáivággi/Manndalen, Gáivuotna/Kåfjord. He is a visual artist, lives and works at Øvre Ringstad Farm in Skiptvet, Østfold. Graduated from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art in 1995. With Søssa Jørgensen he established Sørfinnset skole / the nord land in Gildeskål, Nordland in 2003. Geir Tore Holm was head of project in the founding of Kunstakademiet i Tromsø–UiT in 2007. From 2009, until his dissertation in 2017, he was a fellow in artistic research at KHiO–Oslo National Academy of the Arts with the project Poetics For Changing Aesthetics. He is a holder of the Governments Guaranteed Income Grant and receiver of the John Savio Prize in 2015.

Søssa Jørgensen lives in Skiptvet and works in Skiptvet, at the farm Øvre Ringstad. In parallel to her own work that includes video, photography, sound and performance art, she has also mediated, written and lectured about contemporary art. Together with artist Yngvild Færøy and “BallongMagasinet”, she is responsible for an extensive amount of sound and radio-art productions. In 1993 she founded “Balkong” with Geir Tore Holm. With their own home serving as a exhibition space, the question of what art can be and in what context it can be contained became central to their common work, with a focus on art as practical dialogue. Art practice related to these domestic experiences has led to other long term collaborations, such as with Thai artists Kamin Lertchaiprasert and Rirkrit Tiravanija and their “land project” in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The four of them founded Sørfinnset skole/the nord land in 2003, located in Gildeskål, Nordland.

CC 50,-
Free for members