Static edition

Bulldozer noise series are back in 2024! This first edition in the year of the dragon is happening at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall. Once home to Bergen Støyfest, we found it fitting for John Hegre to take part in this edition. Travelling from Amsterdam is Fani Konstantinidou, composing electronic music utilizing urban, rural, and digital sonic environments. In collaboration with Lydgalleriet we present Dirar Kalash, whose piece ‘Unsieged Resonance’ played from the PARABOL speaker at Kunsthall 3.14 the last three months. Thomas Bruvik is debuting this evening with his brand new live set.

Fani Konstantinidou is an Amsterdam based composer, performer, and musicology researcher, interested in the sonic imprints of cultural, cross-cultural, and social identities. She composes electronic music utilizing urban, rural, and digital sonic environments often combined with conventional musical instruments. Her music demonstrates shifting sonic
textures circulating between drones, noise, arrhythmic tones, and non-tonal rhythms. Through her work she explores antitheses between analog and digital elements, and she exploits the potential of musical timespace through site-specific and multichannel compositions.

John Hegre is a Bergen-based prolific experimental guitarist, sound artist, improviser, composer, and producer who focuses on noise, electronics and free improvisation. Hegre is known for his work with the seminal Jazzkammer noise duo (with noise meister Lasse Marhaug) and the power outfit Noxagt, among many other alternative bands.
Dirar Kalash is known for his diverse artistic repertoire of musical and sonic expressions. His work transcends conventional boundaries through various instrumental, compositional and improvisational contexts.

Dirar is deeply embedded within a vibrant network of Arabic-origin and international artists across the globe. Through his close ties with this community, he is part of an environment of exchange and mutual support and has been an integral part of initiatives such as Exist, a Palestinian-organised international project that amplifies voices and narratives from marginalised communities. Additionally, his involvement with platforms like Radio AlHara showcases one of the founders of Sonic Liberation Front, a testament to his dedication to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions within the sonic landscape. Presented in collaboration with Lydgalleriet.

Thomas Bruvik is based in Bergen. He is working with light design and tech, mostly within the field of dance and theater. He is also making some forays into noise under the moniker branching concepts.

Doors open: 20:30
Admission: 150,- / 100,-

20:45 Thomas Bruvik
21:10 Dirar Kalash
21:30 Fani Konstantinidou
22:15 John Hegre