Nora S. Vaage digging for blue clay at Sognsvann

Ida Bencke (Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, Copenhagen)
Teresa Cos Rebollo (Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven)
Nora Sørensen Vaage (NOBA – Norwegian BioArt Arena, Ås)

This Plattform event will present three international projects that deal with soils as metaphors and matter in different ways. Teresa Cos Rebollo is a curator of “The Soils Project’‘, an ongoing research-based experimental project by the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, TarraWarra Museum of Art in Australia and Struggles for Sovereignty, a collective based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Ida Bencke will speak about the curatorial practice of the “Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology”, Copenhagen and the multi-year project “Hosting Lands”. Nora Sørensen Vaage is a lead researcher at NOBA and will speak about several of the organisations projects that center around extending human-soil relationships.

Teresa Cos Rebollo: The Soils Project
The title “Soils” comes from the Palestinian thinker, writer and former mathematician Munir Fasheh who proposes four soils as core to life on earth. His four soils are the earth soil, the cultural soil, the communal soil, and the spiritual soil. This exhibition addresses human relations to these soils and the life that they make possible in specific places across the earth. It addresses the difficult and violent relations between regions of the world, in nation states that are known as Australia, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, the Netherlands and Pakistan.
Soils is a collaborative project between TarraWarra Museum of Art, Australia, Struggles for Sovereignty, Indonesia and Van Abbemuseum, the Netherlands.

Teresa Cos Rebollo studied Art History in the University of Barcelona and Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship in Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2019 she has been assistant curator in the Van Abbemuseum where she has coordinated several projects and exhibitions, including: “The Otolith Group: Xenogenesis” (2019-2023), “Parallel Lives, Parallel Aesthetics: Gülsün Karamustafa & León Ferrari” (2021-2022), the “María Lugones Decolonial Summer School” (2020-2024) and “Soils” (2020-2025).

Ida Bencke: Hosting Lands
“Hosting Lands” is a slow-growing, decentral exhibition movement unfolding around land, the relationship between host and guest, and the link between the hyper-local and the global. Over the course of three years, the exhibition will move between six locations throughout Denmark and engage local and international artists, activists and communities. Hosting Lands explores how we can steward and care for land differently through commoning of conventional farmlands and by working in collective site-responsive manners. Hosting Lands orients itself towards futures beyond the exhibition movement itself by offering possibilities of inhabiting artistic spaces as architecture of the everyday and creating lasting change in the landscapes and the worlds at stake.

Ida Bencke is co-founder of the self-organized collective Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, and co-curator of the exhibition project Hosting Lands. She is also PhD fellow at the University of Copenhagen under the research project: OIKOS. A Cultural Analysis of Care and Crisis in the 21st Century

Nora S. Vaage: Norwegian Bioart Arena – Extending Human-Soil Relationships
Nora S. Vaage is lead researcher at NOBA – Norwegian Bioart Arena. NOBA is the art department of Vitenparken Campus Ås, and organises art exhibitions and events featuring Norwegian and international artists and researchers with a focus on sustainable development, the environment, and life sciences. Nora is a philosopher and scholar of art and media studies, and in her role at NOBA she serves as a link between the arts and academia. She also works as associate professor of art and media studies at NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology and at Nord University. Nora has for many years focused on bio- and eco art and biohacking. Her recent research focuses on the tensions of care and environmental media, and she is principal investigator of the work package Experiential Soils within the research project “Anthropogenic Soils: Recuperating Human-Soil Relationships on a Troubled Planet” (2022-28).


14:00 Introduction
14:15 Talks
15:30 Discussion
16:30 Finish