Carol Stampone

Bergen Kunsthall and Carol Stampone invites you to an evening of readings and thinking together.

Motherhood is a nomadic low-key project that aims to make being a mother, together with its pains and beauties, more visible in society. It is an invitation to mothers to discover cultural spaces in the city of Bergen. The event at Bergen Kunsthall will focus on the six letters that are a part of Mother and Sun by Carola Grahn, an artwork that is currently part of Earthworks. Each time Mother and Sun has been shared with the public Grahn has directed a letter to another mother, a stranger, whom is also invited to pile the logs into a sculpture and reply with a written letter. Stampone was invited to pile the logs in the exhibition «Earthworks» following Grahn’s instructions and reply with a letter. This event is a chance to think together about motherhood in a safe space, as well as an entry point to get closer to Grahn’s work.

Motherhood is a nomadic project that aims to embrace questions related to the practice and concept of motherhood. What is the place of motherhood in a society that apparently has achieved gender equality? Which types of motherhood are visible in public arenas in Bergen? Is motherhood still supposed to be a private matter? What are the consequences of the old myth that to become fulfilled human beings, women need to become mothers?

Project leader Carol Stampone is a Brazilian writer, artist, and mother based in Bergen. Motherhood shook herself and her practice. She found it challenging to find spaces where she could openly talk about the ups and downs of motherhood. This project aims to build temporary homes where human beings living in motherhood or feeling pressured to do so can share, think together, and articulate how motherhood reshapes our site of speech and our ways of relating to others and the world.

There will be coffee, tea and cake.
The event will be in English and it is free.
One does not need to be a mother to join the event.