Sunday Guided Tours

Welcome to our Sunday guided tour of «Earthworks». Every Sunday in the exhibition period.

«Earthworks» is an extensive thematic exhibition exploring the role of art in the history of ecological resistance movements in the Nordic countries. Nature has been an important subject for Norwegian artists since the national romanticism era, when landscape paintings were used to depict the beauty of Norway and as an essential aspect of national identity. Nowadays, artists are more concerned with how we can protect nature, live in harmony with it and make use of it in the right way. The exhibition presents the various artists’ relationship with the landscape and their understanding of ourselves as part of an environment. The featured artists and works include Marius Heyerdahl’s eco-activist project Den siste alke, Tina Buddeberg’s Drømmedalen, which portrays humans and animals living closely together, and Bård Breivik’s early work in nature.

Every Sunday