Plattform: Lars Holdhus

On the occasion of the exhibition Earthworks, Bergen Kunsthall invites you to an evening lecture with Lars Holdhus at Landmark. “Degrowth for Artists” is a collaborative project by Lars Holdhus, Juha van’t Zelfde and Arnau Sala Saez. The goal of degrowth is to move away from the paradigm of economic growth as the primary measure of social progress. In the project Degrowth for Artists, Holdhus gathers information and interviews various practitioners in Europe on degrowth-related artistic practices and lifestyles. The research will be compiled into a publication that provides both insights and practical guidelines on how to work with a more degrowth-oriented approach in the arts.

Lars Holdus (Fusa, Norway) is a Norwegian artist and food forest worker. In addition to being an active volunteer participant in the Food Forest at Landås, Holdhus also runs the project Good Praxis together with Juha van’t Zelfde. He is currently working with the project Degrowth for Artist together with Arnau Sala Saez.

Free and open for all