Welcome to the opening weekend of “Earthworks” at Bergen Kunsthall, an extensive thematic exhibition exploring the role of art in the history of ecological resistance movements in the Nordic countries. At a moment when ecological questions – and their relation to questions of social justice and colonial conditions – are becoming increasingly pressing, this project looks at artistic work dealing with nature from a multiplicity of viewpoints, with works by visual artists, writers and activists, working as individuals or in groups.

20:00—22:00 Exhibition opening
20:15—20:30 Welcome speech by Curator Silja Leifsdottir in Landmark
21:00—21:30 Poetry reading by Carola Grahn
22:00—01:00 Opening party with Charlotte Bendiks at Landmark


Jannik Abel, Damien Ajavon, Sissel M. Bergh, Bård Breivik, Tina Buddeberg, Adrian Bugge, Conference of the Birds, Carola Grahn, Johanne Hestvold, Annette Holdensen, Marius Heyerdahl, Lars Holdhus / Matskogen på Landås, Inghild Karlsen, Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, Mustarinda, Jumana Manna, OEI (Jonas (J) Magnusson and Cecilia Grönberg w / Gert Aspelin, Cilla Ericson, Jan Håfström, Beth Laurin), Ingrid Elsa Maria Ogenstedt, Sata Taas, Anders Sunna, Monica Sjöö, Sørfinnset skole/ the nord land, Egil Storeide, Lada Suomenrinne, Jenna Sutela, Jon Benjamin Tallerås, Silje Figenschou Thoresen, Wild Seeds: KVAE & BARK and others

DJ Charlotte Bendiks
Charlotte Bendiks — the northern ambassador of distant intimacy.

She likes dogs, Jacuzzis, riding a bike, bålkos, å få napp, her own oceans of emotions, hummus, Rhabarbersaftschorle, free WiFi, Mezcal, dark days and dark nights, talking fast, dancing slow, serious shit, funny shit, singing, getting dirty, staying away, getting close, going hard, being active, being passive, being together, being there, getting it all.

Playful and silly, and therefore confident and sexy, whether as a DJ or playing live, her music is deep, dark, and psychedelic.

Doors open: 20:00