Klubb Signal

Klubb Signal is an event series for electronic music featuring selected live performances and club nights, happening regularly at Bergen Kunsthall.

Also known as Jing Yu, is a Chinese electronic music composer, producer, and DIY circuit enthusiast based in Berlin, Germany. From installation to music, she is heavily influenced by spirituality and non-western music and is interested in building ritualistic listening experiences to recall transcendent moments with self-made sound objects. Her music can lie anywhere between ambient downtempo and minimal.

Rudi Valdersnes has worked as an instrumentalist, composer and DJ.
In recent years, Valdersnes has distinguished himself as a central figure in the experimental techno scenes in Norway. His distinctive style revolves around repetitive structures and elongated percussion landscapes, with polyrhythms as the main element. With contemplative and hypnotic narratives, Valdersnes’s work and dj-sets are often playful and daring experiences!

Alongside Jiska Huizing and Julie Silset, Rudi co-founded Ideophone Records

Said Warya
A Dj & producer with a fabless for surfing big waves and extended jam sessions. He likes to believe he can play the keys and for sure needs to bang on various things as often as possible. Warya is a regular at Bergen Kunsthall, Landmark with the club & concert series Klubb Signal. He has developed a trademark style that couples razor-sharp technical skills with an eclectic but interconnected approach to the raw, weighty & mind-altering music he mixes. Expect a bouncy hypnotic journey laced with percussion and old-school elements.

Doors open: 22:00
CC: 120,-
ID: 20

IVU (live)
Rudi Valdersnes
Said Warya