Transgender Awareness Week
Inclusive communications & Q&A Panel x TGEU

PKI/POGI Norway – The patient organization for gender incongruence in collaboration with Fri Vestland and Bergen Pride invites media representatives, journalists and students to participate in an interesting and important presentation on inclusive communication, presented by TGEU (Transgender Europe).

This presentation will be held in English and provide insight into the importance of fair and inclusive media coverage of trans-related topics. After the presentation, there will be a Q&A panel with Nadya Yurinova (she/her, Senior Communications Officer TGEU) and Karoline Skarstein (she/her, Leader FRI Rogaland) where you can ask questions and learn more about how you can improve your own communication when it comes to transgender topics. This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and contribute to a more inclusive representation of trans people in the media. We hope to see you there!

TGEU (Transgender Europe) is a non-profit organization led by transgender people working for the rights and well-being of transgender people. TGEU represents 215 member organizations in 50 countries in Europe and Central Asia.
TGEU’s new guide provides tips on how to cover stories about trans and non-binary people in an ethical and respectful way. It contains references to reliable sources with verified data. There is also a list of contacts for some relevant activist communities and human rights organisations.

We believe in the power of quality journalism as a truthful institution to counteract propaganda and deliberately misleading information. We believe in knowledge based on evidence and facts, and in human storytelling to amplify the voices of the most vulnerable groups of people on the front lines of human rights – trans rights.

Nadya Yurinova (Senior Communications Officer TGEU)
Nadya (she/her) is communications strategist with over 15 years of experience in brand and community building, marketing leadership, and storytelling for impact initiatives, global consumer brands, and tech companies (Bookmate; Endel).

Proud intersex community member and advocate, Nadya draws on her media and creative background to explore new territories of culture, language, and technology and develop sustainable, human-centered narratives. Her projects have been featured in major publications such as the New York Times, Vogue, Forbes, and others.
Languages: English, Russian.

Karoline Skarstein (she/her): Trans activist.
Leader of FRI Rogaland. Deputy leader of FRI’s transgender committee. For many years now, she has been particularly involved in how the media addresses issues related to gender and gender diversity.

Conversation starts: 14:00
In English
Live Studio (Upstairs)