Loretta Fahrenholz: Film programme 2

As part of our exhibition programme for Loretta Fahrenholz’ “Trash the Musical”, Bergen Kunsthall presents two film screenings with further works by the artist. The second screening on 23 November features Loretta Fahrenholz’ full-length film “Two A.M.” Mixing documentary images with scripted scenes, the film is a hallucinatory tale set in today’s Berlin depicting a world under the influence of surveillance and capitalism.

“Two A.M. is based on the exile novel ‘After Midnight’ by Irmgard Keun—a prophetic, blackly humorous novel about the rise of the Nazis, written after Keuns’ escape to the Netherlands in 1937. ‘Two A.M.’ deals with contemporary forms of social control and follows the interlocking private passions and crises of a group of people at a moment when the larger social spring is wound so tight it could snap at any time. Punky, streetwise Sanna bridles at her aunt’s traditional ways. Her adopted family are members of the Watchers, powerful information-obsessives whose unusual telepathic abilities and sociopolitical pretensions only manage to get on Sanna’s nerves. But after she abandons the family home and her young lover for the city, her dream of a brilliant urban life quickly falls flat.”

Resisting categorisation, Fahrenholz’s films experiment with different genres and cinematic styles, from documentary to fiction, and explore their visual and narrative ideologies. Distinct cultural contexts appear in her work as research fields to examine the ways in which subjects create relationships to larger social systems, such as politics or economy.

Loretta Fahrenholz is based in Berlin. She exhibited widely internationally, with solo shows at the Kunsthalle Zürich (2015), Fridericianum Kassel and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2016), mumok Vienna (2018), Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (2021) and Kölnischer Kunstverein (2022), amongst many others.

Doors open: 19:00