Open studio session with Teo Ala-Ruona

On Tuesday, October 17th, Teo Ala-Ruona will share insights into his artistic research and the creative process behind his upcoming solo performance, “Etiological Hydro Disruption Report (EHDR),” which he has been developing during his residency at Bergen Kunsthall Live Studios.

In his works, Teo explores the potential of somatic fiction to shape our perceptions of the human body and its technological essence. He examines how biological and technological aspects of bodily existence interweave, drawing from scientific research, fiction, and various physical exercises. Teo’s performances play simultaneously with both everyday and dramatic presence, humor, audience interaction, rigor, and detailed textual materials.

EHDR” addresses the contextualization of environmental toxins within the concept of transcorporeality: ecological studies that seek to prove that pollution has increased the prevalence of transgender individuals in the world. The coverage of these studies often laments trans bodies as “unnatural.” Through his work, Teo speculates on this contentious claim and challenges the idealization of purity. He asks: How can environmental toxins be considered harmful to the planet but not because they might produce diversity in life?

During the Open Studios session, Teo will delve into the theoretical foundations of his artistic research, read excerpts from his performance texts for EHDR, and share insights into his performance practices. Joining him will be his collaborator, sound artist Tuukka Haapakorpi, who is the sound designer for EHDR. Teo and Tuukka will also provide a brief, demo-like glimpses into the preliminary materials of the performance.

You are welcome to listen, engage in discussions, ask questions and enjoy beverages and snacks with us.

Live Studio (Upstairs)