Project Stories
#13: Assemble

PROJECT STORIES is an architecture talk series which takes an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the stories of built projects to offer an insight into the nature of architectural practice today.

Assemble is a multi-disciplinary collective working across architecture, design and art, awarded the prestigious Turner Prize in 2015. Founded in 2010 to undertake a single self-built project, Assemble has since delivered a diverse and award-winning body of work whilst retaining a democratic and cooperative working method that enables built, social and research-based work at a variety of scales, both making things and making things happen.
Project Stories #13 is co-hosted by the Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) and Bergen Arkitektforening (BAF). The series is curated by Cristian Stefanescu (Assistant Professor, BAS).

Image: Assemble / Yardhouse

Doors open: 19:00
Talk: 19:15