Phonofestival release party!

- Ben Butler and Mousepad
- Band TBA
- Untz Untz DJS

Ben Butler and Mousepad is twenty five year old Joe Howe. Currently based in Berlin, he produces scatter brained, frenetic music under a bunch of increasingly stupid aliases, including Gay against You and Germlin.

Anyone exposed to the furious shake & pop of pixelated DIY dance fury from either act should expect excellence. Excellence as in a cloud of pink TV static spreading over psychedelic gradient skies outside the window of your commuter train, analogical lighting bolts blasting in a rainbow coloured Sabbath which burns into the circuitry of your brain like the soundtrack of an old coin-op beat-em-up designed by a crazed cabal of progressive wizards and bearded Sci-Fi savants. Yep, that kind of excellence, like Golden Axe’s red dragons invading the hallucinatory dreamscapes of a Philip K. Dick pulp which was never published because it was too weird, and too close to the bone.

There is, in Ben Butler’s music, a bristling and expansive melodic madness inherited from the baroque experiments of 1970s studio megalomaniacs such as Vangelis, Alan Parsons, Triumvirat or even ELO, devoured, digested, sent back in time and thrown up over some bizarrely funky rhythmic backdrops that one would perhaps define as nerdxploitation, hadn’t this term been spiritually trademarked by the evil ghouls of the MTV.

The Phonofestival releases its program with an evening of concerts.