Opening weekend
Ahmed Umar + Loretta Fahrenholz

Welcome to the opening weekend of “Glowing Phalanges” by Ahmed Umar and “Trash The Musical” by Loretta Fahrenholz at Bergen Kunsthall.

Glowing Phalanges
The exhibition is a continuation of the artist’s ongoing and ever-growing project Forbidden Prayers and includes an installation of 99 sculptural works in various materials, spread out across the four main galleries of Bergen Kunsthall. Each work is held by an acrylic cast of the artist’s right hand, suggesting the use as a prayer bead – a ritualistic use to count or contemplate during prayer.

Trash The Musical
The 37-minute-long film was produced over the past two years in collaboration with performance artist and actor Alicia McDaid. In the film, we follow McDaid from Los Angeles, where she lives, to Philadelphia, her former hometown, to clear out the house of her recently deceased uncle. During the months needed to sort the chaotic property’s contents – artworks, various collections of things and personal items amassed over decades – the house becomes her daily stage for performing musical numbers and bizarre self-presentations.

Fri 15 Sep:
20:00 Opening
22:30 Opening party at Landmark
(DJ Duafén)

Sat 16 Sep:
11:00–17:00 Exhibition open
14:00 Plattform: Ahmed Umar

Sun 17 Sep:
11:00–17:00 Exhibition open
13:00 Family workshop
14:00 Guided tour