Members tour in "Azimuth Zenith Nadir"

Welcome to a guided tour for our members, where we will present SERAFINE1369’s “Azimuth Zenith Nadir”. Curator Nora-Swantje Almes will guide members and contextualise this unique show in our galleries I–III in the period 20–27 of August. This guided tour is free, and members can bring a friend along. The tour will be held in English.

SERAFINE1369’s practice unfolds at the interstices of dance, art, philosophy and divination. For SERAFINE1369, working with bodies is working with vibration – frequency, relationships. Their works are containers that conjure many voices through the interplay between dancing, sound, objects, words and light, based on collected research into embodied situations. Their methodology is intuitive and process-led, embracing multiplicity and considering the interrelatedness of myriad systems.

Stillness, the clock, a body of water, voices from SERAFINE1369’s archive, a breaking storm and the rhythm of the planets in the solar system as we orbit the sun and respond to the moon, are the basis for the building of this world. “Azimuth Zenith Nadir” is a show of constellations, elements moving in relation to create a system that feels like weather, like the non-linear movements of the experience of time.

“Azimuth Zenith Nadir” draws the live movements and relationships of these celestial bodies into the galleries, highlighting the situations of influence with earth-bound bodies. The hybrid installation format stems from SERAFINE1369’s work across automated multimedia installation and their deep-rooted research into embodied performance and dancing. The show proposes that live work does not require the presence of live performers, only a sense of movement, the presence of a public and the fact of systemic entanglement.

Curated by Nora-Swantje Almes.

SERAFINE1369 (Concept, choreography, direction) with Darcy Wallace, Natifah White, Jose Funnell (Performance), Josh Anio Grigg (Sound Design), Jackie Shemesh (Lighting Design), soft tissue studio (Set Design), Nancy May Roberts, Metal & Water Productions (Production).

Members tour
Thu 24 Aug 18:00
The guided tour is in English