Klubb Signal: Hildisvíni & Said Warya

Klubb Signal is an event series for electronic music featuring selected live performances and club nights, happening regularly at Bergen Kunsthall.

Hildisvíni rustles around in the sonic undergrowth, rooting out all sorts of tasty morsels. Steered by the moody and mysterious, her sets may consist of anything from dubbed-out post-punk to textural ambient and raw breakbeats. Hailing from Scotland, Hildisvíni, or Freya Coursey, resides in Bergen, Norway.

Said Warya is a regular at Bergen Kunsthall, Landmark with the club & experiment project Klubb Signal. Said has developed a trademark style that couples razor-sharp technical skills with an eclectic but interconnected approach to the raw, weighty and mind-altering music he mixes. Depending on the venue, event and vibe, Said might race through angular acid, loose-limbed classic electro and hard-hitting breaks.

The event is part of Bergen Kunsthall’s live programme and is supported by Bergen Kommune.

Doors open: 23:00
ID: 20
CC: 120,-