Shadow Theatre Workshop: Berg og båre with Kamilla Sajetz Mathisen

 ©Martin Losvik
Berg og Båre — Shadow Theatre Workshop. © Martin Losvik

What hides in the waves? Who are the “marmælen”, the sea serpent, and the sea trolls?

Join us in a world of shapeshifters and the living dead. Learn how to get rid of the ghost and what to do if the marmælen boards your boat.
Through storytelling and shadow theatre workshops, you will get to know and even shape the various creatures that, just a few generations ago, were an integral part of life along the Norwegian coast.

Kamilla has a bachelor’s degree in ceramics and a master’s degree in art from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, and has a strong interest in humans as both biological and mythological beings. Together with Kamilla, children are invited to create a shadow theater.

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Price: 100,- to join the children’s membership, and thus participate in the shadow theatre workshop.
Free for those of you who already have children’s membership.

Suitable for children aged 6 and older.