Workshop with Lukas Hofmann

Photographer: Adrian Parvulescu

As part of his residency with Bergen Kunsthall, Lukas Hofmann will present an interactive performative workshop during which he will explain some of the concepts imbued within his work, such as absence, lack of transparency, and the notion of impersonal external forces. Using his methodology, the participants are invited to inhabit timelessness, to hold their breath, to contain each other without touching.

No previous performative experience necessary. Participants are expected to take active part in the form of rehearsal as well as discussion. The workshop is free. Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours.

Registration essential:

Although Hofmann works mainly in the field of performance, his artistic practice reaches out to various other fields and media and is also active as a curator. His means of expression and artistic strategies are difficult to pin down, like a sandpit. Along with his peers, he slides down museum handrails, deforms his face by pressing it against panes of glass and forms a red line between his body and theirs using thread and a sewing needle. He steals scaffolding nets in the dark, develops perfumes and exhibits them as Waters of Life and Death, films skin as it becomes leather. As a curator, he has invited an amateur duo of ornithologists to perform birdsong, had a recital held in a sauna, organised a string quartet concert and had a glasshouse built in the gallery’s garden. At Bergen Kunsthall, Lukas is developing his upcoming performance at MUDAM Luxembourg.

Lukas Hofmann has presented his work e.g. at Centre Pompidou in Paris, CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux, Moderna Museet in Malmö and Stockholm, Schinkel Pavillon and SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin, Art in General in New York, Brussels Gallery Weekend, the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen, National Gallery in Prague and PLATO Gallery in Ostrava; during Manifesta 11, he performed at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. In 2018, he received the Jindrich Chalupecky Award, the most prominent Czech award for visual artists.

Duration: 1,5–2 hours