After School Special
Queer Club

We would like to welcome you to our second QUEER CLUB at Landmark, 2nd of June! It’s gonna be lit!
Everyone is of course welcome, but we would especially like to welcome the queers and friends of Bergen. Costumes are strongly encouraged. Flamboyancy is heartly desired. More is more!

The night will start with a panel talk 21.30 moderated by Eva Rowson, with Nora-Swantje Almes, Bertha Chan and Jennifer Gonzalez .

Live acts from 22.30, with Pemograneta, Superslut and Magic Dyke
Club Night with DJs from 24.00, with DJ Blue and Alskua


NORA-SWANTJE ALMES (she / her) is the Curator of Bergen Kunsthall’s live programme. Her research explores queer-feminist performance practices in relation to censorship and possibilities of queering art institutions.

BERTHA CHAN (she / her) is an artist, writer and curator, and founder of the interdisciplinary platform Drastic Social, and head of PR for radio Vers Libre in Bergen.

JENNIFER VANESSA GONZALEZ (they / them) is the editor and director for FeTT Bergen, and producer and host for Fett nok! Podcast. They are the board director and founder of Comrades Inc. and deputy chairman of AKKS Bergen.

EVA ROWSON (she / her) is an artist, curator and Managing Director of Bergen Kjøtt, a production house and cultural venue with more than 100 studio tenants in Bergen´s Skuteviken neighbourhood. Born out of artist-led energy in 2010, Bergen Kjøtt is now owned and operated by the non-profit foundation Stiftesen Bergen Kjøtt.


PEMOGRANETA Is a performative music project by Torleif Bay (he / him). It is the continuous act of dying and resurrecting. It is the constant process of becoming. Love, hate, lust, loss, nightmares and dreams – coinciding.

SUPERSLUT is live first time since never. slut’s been vj’ing for other cool people and will now VJ for himself while serving you 4 dark n cute self produced tracks + some unfinished work. strobe warning ^^

MAGIC DYKE is a drag king persona created by Alphie Hubbard (they /them) that focuses on masculinity as an embodied location of themes as bodily autonomy, consent and the construction of identity. He perverts and undermines examples of toxic masculinity to reconfigure them, creating a space to reimagine and expand our understandings of masculinity.


The up and coming DJ BLUE started her dj journey in 2021, always had a passion for music, dj blue will be playing a fun and playful mixture of music from different genres inspired by her diverse background. Alternative R&B, French Rap, Arabic Pop and a lot more.

ALSKUA is a seabird circling around the meeting points of the Atlantic and the North Sea. Loving both extremities of groovy basses and screeching highs, they’re here to serve you each track as both the sushi and the palette-cleansing pieces of ginger for the next. Hopping between genres, feelings, tempo is to be expected as it all forms a part of the narrative.

Doors open: 21:00
Tickets: 50,- / 100,- (After 23:00)