Klubb Signal
Dj Baby Stinky & Trym Søvdsnes

Klubb Signal is an event series for electronic music featuring selected live performances and club nights, happening regularly at Bergen Kunsthall.

DJ Baby Stinky aka DJ BS aka DJ Beddostat, vinyl fetishist from Nord-Jæren with a crossfader focus. Likes Animal Crossing, Earthbound, pizza and soft drinks. Works daily as distribution and graphics manager in the underground label Ullis Tapes.
Otherwise, he uses the time to go for a walk to the local farm or cycle in industrial areas. Excited to play in new places! First time at Landmark. Have been to Café Opera and Østre once in the 2013s.

For the past seven years, Trym Søvdsnes has been a central part of the club environment in Bergen, both above and below ground level. Whether as a DJ in dirty basements, dark bars and at festivals, booking manager at Café Opera, producer or radio host, he is rarely far from a dance floor, a record being played or a button being turned. As a maniacal record collector, he is inspired by most things, but when it comes to the dance floor, it is 90s house, acid, breakbeat and electro that is closest to his heart, preferably dubbed out and rough around the edges; machine function for both body and mind. Unexpect the expected!”

Doors open: 23:00
120 NOK
ID: 20