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Performance evening

Join us from 19:00 for an evening of performance and a listening session, featuring works from Sangría Valentino with The Vampy Villains, Johan Severin, and Tobias Kvendseth.

About the performances:

The Vampy Villains
Interested in the artistic practice as a site for and of collectivity, care, joy and safety, Sangría Valentino has invited fellow graduates Courtney Coombs, Henna Nerg and Dominique Nachi to join them to form the queer drag band, The Vampy Villains.

In their performances the villains reappropriate monstrous discourses and representations of the queer body and revisit queer childhood through camp aesthetics existing somewhere between Disney, horror and pop culture.

Johan Severin
In the vocal and drums performance “Rhythm is king, change is unpredictable”, a place between rhythm and unpredictability, narrative and improvisation is presented. In the work, Johan Severin presents a kind of on-going argumentation from a place of change, one where the seagull is steadily flying back and forth at liberty between an unstable security and the unpredictable.

Tobias Kvendseth
Tobias Kvendseth will have a listening session of his 2023 album, shame tapes, created as the conceptual foundation for his MA project on shame. The alternative pop album consists of tightly layered harmonies, bombastic beats and dense synths with lyrics that ruminate on the subjective and objective experience of shame. 5 songs of the 12 song album will be played for the audience at Landmark in an informal setting.

Doors open: 19:00

First performances are inside Gallery I and the evening continues later at Landmark