Ispoti & Yanos

Ispoti and Yanos

Ispoti and Yanos is a club concept highlighting the cultural expressions from the Southern part of Africa – Ispoti is a zulu slang for bucket hat. While Yanos, also a zulu word, stands for Pianos or Amapiano. Much like its homegrown predecessor, kwaito music (which enables black youth to express their feelings of oppression under the apartheid regime and to create their own identity), amapiano reflects the township musical mood. Its diverse references to 90s house, jazz and church music creates a sound that is sometimes nostalgic and interspersed with cultural elements that many resonate with. Before Amapiano hit commercial radio stations, the grassroots music phenomenon was brewed in the streets, heard in local taverns and shared on WhatsApp communities.

Doors open: 23:00
Tickets: 150,-