Mhost Likely
Paramida & Telephones

For our fourth party of the season, we are excited to welcome two of Berlin’s mhhhost thrilling house producers, Paramida (Love On The Rocs) and Telephones (European Carryall Records), to Bergen Kunsthall / Landmark. This one will be special, so buckle up and enjoy the journey.

Paramida and Telephones first met in 2010, the same year Telephones moved from Bergen to Berlin, when he released his first 12-inch on Full Pupp called “Kanal/Turkis”. The yellow/green record opened doors for him, and soon Paramida, who worked as a promoter, booked Telephones to play at a venue called about:blank. They continued meeting throughout Paramida’s club nights, OYE records, and the now legendary Soju Bar, where Rune Lindbæk, Beautiful Swimmers, Hunee, Call Super, and Daniel Wang used to play during the weekdays.

While Paramida was working at OYE records, she soon began to DJ herself and moving between a tireless party scene by night and days immersed in music. In 2014 she started her label Love On The Rocks, and Telephones released the label’s third release called “Lotusland”, which soon became the label’s first hit – selling 1000 copies – and is today a timeless underground hit.

Paramida continued to invite Telephones to her parties and label nights over the years, and he played at Massimilano Pagliara’s release party for Love on The Rocs. At this party, nd_baumeker was attending, who was the booker at Berghain/Panorama bar. Soon Telephones landed his first gig at the infamous Lab.Oratory in the basement of Berghain/Panorama bar, where Paramida today holds a residency. Paramida and Telephones have continued working together, and Telephones mixed her latest EP Moonrise VII released in 2022. There are also rumors of another Telephone release on Love on The Rocks in the future!?
Paramida has been continually promoting the Norwegian electronic scene in Berlin for years and has booked many Norwegian such as Skatebård, DJ Fett Burger, DJ Sotofett, Mungolian Jet-Set, Rune Lindbæk, Chmmr, Pastor, and Telephones. Therefore, we feel very excited to invite her to Norway and can’t wait to hear the Berlin-based duo dig deep into their collection.

Doors open: 23:00

Tickets: 200,- / 150,-
ID: 20