Klubb Signal
Kromoplastik (live) + Kim ‘Lil + Said Warya + Juan Qin (VJ)

Klubb Signal is an event series for electronic music featuring selected live performances and club nights, happening regularly at Bergen Kunsthall.

Klubb Signal Pres.
Kromoplastik (live)
Kim ‘Lil
Said Warya
Juan Qin (VJ)

Kromoplastik (BTMF/BAM) has revealed itself as one of the Bergen underground most sturdy acid suppliers and interesting live acts. Hailing out from the depths of Bergen Trommemaskinistforening (BTMF) and as a driving force of Bergen Acid Militia, Kromoplastik has stirred the ground at both the EKKO-festival and at legendary Kafé Hærverk in Oslo. Look out for rolling acid baselines, intricate drum programming and an ever-evolving live set.

Conjuring smoking silhouettes on dance floors worldwide, Perth-based artist Kim ‘Lil has come from the Australian outback all the way up to Bergen. She/they mixes an eclectic selection of hypnotic techno, breakbeat electro, dnb and experimental doom jazz.

Said Warya is a DJ/producer and is a regular at Bergen Kunsthall, Landmark, with the club & experiment project Klubb Signal. Said has developed a trademark style that couples razor-sharp technical skills with an eclectic but interconnected approach to the raw, weighty and mind-altering music he mixes. Depending on the venue, event and vibe, Said might race through angular acid, loose-limbed classic electro and hard hitting breaks.

Juan Qin is a new media artist, graphic designer, VJ/ audiovisual performer from China, based in Bergen, Norway. She is interested in creating intersection connections between audio and visual. In her work, she likes using the form of moving images to create visual experiences and tell stories. Her work has been performed at various festivals, events, for example, Aavitstus Festival in Helsinki, Hot!Hot, solo exhibition at bad connection at Finland’s first NFT gallery in Helsinki, Bergen bibliotek, at Landmark in Bergen, Borealis festival at Østre, BEK at Bergen kjøtt.

CC: 120,-
ID: 20