Programme Party 2023

It’s 20 festivals since the birth of Borealis, which means many years of experimental music in every imaginable form and in unimaginable places her in Bergen. 15–19 March 2023 we celebrate everything music and listening is, and can be!

Only one month before Borealis opens its 20th Anniversary Festival, you can join us in celebration of and insight into what’s to come! There will be live music by Borealis 2023 artists, and a deep dive into the varied festival days and fun festival days. The bar is open with snacks and drinks, and last but not least we’ll announce the winners of our our legendary Borealis tombola! To get us in the mood, Artistic Director Peter Meanwell will be giving us a tour through all the nooks and crannies of the programme. We’ll hear live music from Borealis artist Sigbjørn Apeland on harmonium, and a special first ever duo of Luke Drozd & Eline Rafteseth – both participants of this year’s Borealis Ung Komponist. You can also win merch, and even tickets, as we roll the balls of fate in our tombola!

Bring friends, neighbours and family members, and get the anniversary festival Borealis 2023 under your skin!
The bar at Landmark is open until 23.00