Teater Leikhus, Leah Landau

Prøverommet is kickstarting the season with two separate projects by a solo dancer and a theatre company who are both interested in choreographing the audience. The Crowd presented by Teater Leikhus can be described as theatre’s version of silent disco – the audience will be wearing headphones throughout. Leah Landau on the other hand (or arm, or head!) presents her solo project A/P D/V, which she will be working on during her residency at Bergen Dansesenter this spring.

Neither Teater Leikhus nor Leah Landau have performed in Bergen before. All are welcome to meet, greet and join us for an informal feedback session afterwards!

Teater Leikhus
The Crowd explores the social structures found in different crowds; in communities. What does community really mean to us? The performance tries to challenge the audience to make a decision regarding their own participation and reflects on the relationships we can create with strangers. The format is an interactive sound installation and gives the audience opportunities they rarely get to experience in the theatre. “The Crowd” can be seen as the theatre’s version of silent disco.

Leah Landau
A/P D/V is inspired by flatworms who were sent to outer-space by NASA in 2011. Due to a low electromagnetic field and biosphere, the worms grew an extra head on the other end of their body. Once back on earth, the worms’ offspring continued to have double-heads, their DNA altered forever.
I’m interested in this ‘double-ended dancing’, where a body can have multiple ‘ends’, faces, sounds, orifices and sensations; where a body can absorb and create surroundings, reproducing and losing parts of itself.”
Leah offers two free dance lessons before Prøverommet, as part of her residency process at Bergen Dansesenter.