Klubb Signal
Lysgaard, Karolinski, Kasia Rdzanek, Espen Lauritzen

Klubb Signal is an event series for electronic music featuring selected live performances and club nights, happening regularly at Bergen Kunsthall.

Lysgaard seems to have his own ways of getting under your skin. If not in the early two-thousands, as one of the country’s most accomplished turntablists, then now, as he throws together anything from booty disco to old Japanese power-techno-ballads, via some distorted sweaty basement somewhere in the fjords. And as part of the collective & label Nabovarsel (and some times DOT), there is rarely a shortage of unreleased tracks from across the Norwegian underground in his sets, alongside his own edits and solo productions. This is the kind of madness that puts him on stages alongside acts like Arca, John Talabot and Lone.

Karolinski is a Norwegian DJ, label owner and LIVE-artist from Bergen, Norway. She has released two albums, alongside several remixes, and has releases on both Australian label clipp.art, Berlin label SUOL, and the well known Ost & Kjex’s label, SnickSnack. She is a resident at Norway's and Oslo’s biggest nightclub, Jaeger Oslo since 2019.

Kasia Rdzanek is a Polish DJ and event organizer based in Bergen. She a rising talent in the local scene, with her own party series “Teknospekter” and monthly concept “Habbo Club” at Cafe Opera that aims to present new and local artists. Her style is characterized by groovy uptempo rhythmic sets. Kasia has played alongside artists such as Bjarki (IS) and Franzizca (AR) among others.

Espen Lauritzen runs the impeccable techno focused record label Krill Music which has released music from the likes of Jonas Kapp, Stanislav Tolkachev, Hector Oaks, Reeko and Matrixxman (with whom he just released a collaboration on the Tblibsi-based quality label KHIMD called Dungeon & Dragons.) Lauritzen's own music has been released on Berghain resident deejay Fiedel's super Sound Tool and Fiedeltwo labels and tracks such as F/T/S and cid B have been in heavy rotation in Fiedels sets in Berghain and also both appered on Fiedels Berghain 08mix.

Tickets: 120,-