Konsept x
Klubb Betty
, 23:00

Design: Trine Louise Kind Ween

The iconic funk singer Betty Davis paved the way for a generation of groundbreaking women in music. Betty passed away in February 2022 and has now officially gained legendary status. She is the original “Nasty Gal”; a pioneer and the pulse of the club concept “BETTY”.
On December 3 it’s time for the second edition of our tribute to Betty, which we hope will be as legendary as our last one! We’ll play a cheeky, genre-bending mix with funky music in focus and Bettyness in the spirit. Expect both well-known classics and new fresh vibes. Toot toot, beep beep! BETTY promises funky beats to funky people!

Asbi is a versatile DJ with a big heart for rhythms. She thrives when playing music that makes people feel good – which is exactly why she loves to play funky music. This boundary breaking, hybrid “genre” makes it difficult not to join in and dance. With her varied musical style, Asbi will do what she can to ensure that you find joy and rhythm in her funky track selection. All as a tribute to Betty!

Mikkel (aka Mich/Michi/Michelle O. Iversen Badiane) swears by old underground disco, funky pop and afro-funky rhythms from the 60s. We’re talking playful funk nostalgia mixed with poppy and unsentimental disco classics. Michi dedicates this BETTY night to tunes that will easily move and excite the immodest.

Tora G has a versatile and playful style, mixing across musical styles and from different time periods and places around the world. To honor Betty, she will bring musical treasures with fat bass lines, soulful vocals and energetic drive. Her goal of the night is to make you bring out your inner Nasty gal on the dance floor!