Perfect Sounds Forever
Amalie Holt Kleive

In recent years, Amalie Holt Kleive has made a name for herself in the Norwegian underground with her utterly unique signature; she combines jazz with music and electronica. At the same time, she is delicate and heartfelt in her appearance and narrates in a way that touches you. In February, she released her debut album, “De løper der jeg går” – a solid and elegant self-production with the help of Vetle Junker (Verdensrommet, Metteson) and Peder Kolsung (Sigrid).

The 27-year-old possesses a crystal-clear worldview, melodiousness and vocal use, where the electronic goes hand in hand with elements of jazz and vice pop, but also without the ironic-naive style of so many other of today's younger vice singers. It is poignant sometimes, where skinless inquiries flow through chilling synth flakes. – Audun Vinger, DN

If this is the future of Norwegian pop music, the future is bright. – Morgenbladet

Through an exploratory and elaborate mixing and a conscious flair for dramaturgical development, the listener is held firmly in hand throughout. – The class match, 5/6

She will give you warmth this evening, together with the band of Elias Tafjord (Tigerstate, Why Kai, Sassy 009), Gabriela Garrubo, Rakel Paulsen, Vetle Junker and Jakob Sønnesyn (9 grader nord).


21:00 Doors open
22:00 Concert starts