Perfect Sounds Forever
, 20:00

Daufødt (Photo by Brage Pedersen)

Daufødt has quickly established itself as one of the names that apply within rock here on the mountain. Daufødt is about both musical and physical excesses. A concert is a violent release of energy and decibels, while the musical expression revolves around tearing and crushing in all forms and shapes. Daufødt has a foot firmly planted in punk and a foot that kicks in noise rock, free-improv and all sorts of other corners of the underground.

The debut album 1000 Island (2020) won the Spelleman prize in the rock category and was followed up with many concerts in Norway and Denmark. During By:Larm in 2020, the band was one of ten nominees for the “Star Shot of the Year” award – and has lived up to this over the past two years. With the follow-up album Aromaterapi (autumn 2022), Daufødt shows that development is at the core of the band. Every single string is stretched to breaking point, and with the help of producer and noise musician Lasse Marhaug, Daufødt achieves his most important goal: The listener should never feel safe.


20:00 Doors open