Lysne/Eilertsen + Karl Bjorå

Lysne/Eilertsen (Photo by Kristoffer Eikrem)

Playdate is a concert series for improvised music in Bergen, Norway.

We're ready for the last concert of the season before we go on Christmas break! We are looking forward to being visited by Mats Eilertsen, Jo David Meyer Lysne and Karl Bjorå.

Karl Bjorå
In the last ten years, Karl Bjorå has made a name for himself as a guitarist and improviser in several bands with feet planted in a bunch of different genres, such as Megalodon Collective, Yes Deer, Emmeluth's Amoeba – and more recently, Bonanza of Doom and Martin Horntveth's Polaroid on Kongsberg Jazz Festival.

The solo project with pedal steel is an ongoing research project where depth possibilities and timbres are spread out in the room through several sound sources. The music moves, both literally and figuratively, slowly and quickly simultaneously, in a series of sound explorations, both abstract and concrete.

The duo consisting of guitarist Jo David Meyer Lysne and bassist Mats Eilertsen, follows in the footsteps of the evocative minimalism established by Brian Eno and Terry Riley. The new album Kroksjo explores meditative and poetic depictions of places and moods. Meyer Lysne's ecstatic acoustic guitar and pedal steel meet Eilertsen's critically acclaimed jazz double bass. By attaching tape to previously recorded vinyl records, variegated and imperfect textures are added to the live performance, with a fondness for the Norwegian landscape as a backdrop.

Jo David Meyer Lysne – guitar, Mats Eilertsen – double bass

20:00 Doors open
20:30 Concert starts

Tickets at the door
100,- / 150,-