Workshop with Skeiv Kopp
, 12:00

Skeiv kopp

Join Trafo and create your little work of art on Saturday, 3 December. After a short introduction to the project SKeiv Kopp, where Trafo talk about queer role models, queer history and how they have worked with the project through textiles, text and ceramics, all participants get to choose fabrics and equipment to make their own embroidery. The idea is to create a small textile artwork to tribute a role model. It can be a quote or a picture or free imagination! Regardless of whether you choose to make something to hang on the wall, something to wrap the nest with, a bandana or scarf, everyone will get to take their textiles home to work on with them or put them to use.

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12:00 — 16:00
Free, but remember to register. Only ten places!
15—25 years