Bergen Kunsthall
The Christmas Lottery 2022

Lotteritromlene sørger for en rettferdig fordeling av de innkjøpte gevinster til medlemslotteriet. Til ære for fotografen har daværende vaktmester Anton Liland, intendant Per Remfeldt og styremedlem Ole Rønning Johannesen her trukket ut nr. 1838, foreningens stiftelsesår.

Bergen Kunsthall – Bergens Kunstforening is pleased to welcome you to this years Christmas lottery on Sunday 27 November at 14:00. Acting Board Leader, Karen Kipphoff, welcomes us, while the association's long-standing supporter and good friend, Harald Victor Hove, guides us through the raffle on the 1st Sunday in Advent.

A Bergen painter, I.C. Dahl, who was also the association’s founder, was bought for the first lottery in 1839, where 17 works by Norwegian artists were raffled off. A generation later, several works by Edvard Munch were included in the Christmas lottery! The works were in connection with Munch´s solo exhibitions at Bergen Kunstforening in 1895, 1902 and 1915. In the last hundred years, the tradition of presenting both well-established and newly educated artists has been well maintained.

As usual, membership numbers will be drawn. In addition, raffle tickets will also be handed out at the door, so that the chances of winning for those in the hall are guaranteed. Those who register on site will receive a lottery ticket and a registration gift. Note that visitors who are not members will also not be awarded raffle tickets. This is to ensure members' exclusivity on this day. Serving mulled wine and Christmas snacks. Welcome!

The Christmas Lottery Prize List 2022
Prizes drawn on membership numbers:
1. Susanna Kajermo, Ulv Ulv, 2022 – tegning
2. Svein Rønning, Kontorlandskap, 1980 – silketrykk
3. Annette Kierulf, Tre med kjuker, 2019 – tresnitt
4. Caroline Kierulf, People who make Things, 2022 – tresnitt
5. Tom Stian Kosmo, Spring, 2015 – mezzotint
6. Lene Berg, 5 sekunder (Lukket Avdeling), 2022 – 35mm s/h filmstrimler, vevet

Prizes drawn from tickets given on the door:
7. Benny Dröscher, Hints followed by guesses, 2015 – litografi
8. Klara Sofie Ludvigsen, Fotballmål, 2018 – analogt fotografi
9. Jan Henning Larsen, Om natten, 2004 – tresnitt
10. Elisabeth Haarr, Collage, 2012 – collage
11. Cato Løland, Signaler, 2020 – akryl, blekk og klor på farget papir
12. Gardar Eide Einarsson, U.T. (Opsec), 2013 – trykk

If you would like to participate and see art history take shape there is still time to either renew, extend or create a new membership. To do so, contact

Sun 27 Nov

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